SBASSE Lab Assistants Workshop on First Aid

In its pursuit of ensuring safety even at the grass root level, EMS conducts informative workshops for the lab assistants of the School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE).

The spirit behind this initiative is that all assistants should know the basics of handling medical emergency in labs, until EMS arrives. For this purpose, activities are designed in order to equip them with basic life saving techniques so that they can conveniently deal with all the potential threats that are more likely to occur in LABS.

The session starts with a copious lecture on how to handle accidents due to poisoning, bleeding and burning. After the lecture, the MFRs entertain all  questions related to the content. Afterwards, a practical demonstration is conducted in which lab assistants are taught how to deal in a real life situation when they encounter excessive bleeding and other scenarios, e.g. where the body is impaled with objects like knives or glass shards.

They are also taught the art of improvisation which they can apply when they have no medical supplies available. This is followed by a practice session supervised by MFRs to ensure that the lab assistants get a hands-on experience with these skils.

This workshop is a part of the initiative taken by EMS in spreading knowledge of basic first aid skills to the entire LUMS community. The department also conducts workshops for the janitorial staff, faculty, administrative staff and other members of the LUMS community.