Vice Chancellor’s (Patron) Message

The student-run LUMS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is one of the most shining examples of student responsibility and achievement, not only at LUMS but at any University.

I am proud to be Patron of this volunteer student organization which has emerged as the first point of call in medical emergencies on campus. Not just our students, but faculty and staff have come to rely on the thoroughness, responsibility and call to duty of EMS first respondents in emergencies big and small.

LUMS EMS works for the welfare of the entire on-campus community by providing free pre-hospital treatment to a list of emergencies from small bruises to multiple fractures. Over the span of seven years this volunteer group has grown into a truly responsible and reliable department consisting of over 40 members.

Being only undergraduate students, all the members of EMS have shown great commitment and excellence in the some very difficult situations. In my many interactions with them, the seriousness and thoughtfulness of this group has always left me with pride at the way LUMS undergraduates handle this heavy, and sometimes heart-wrenching, responsibility.

To me, the work that the LUMS students in EMS do is not just an example of skill, maturity, commitment and reliability; it is an example of citizenship. In the truest and deepest sense their work is citizenship at a University as well as at a humanity level. For this I salute their hard work and continuous efforts and wish them well in their future endeavors and plans.