Vice President’s Message

My first impression of EMS was that it was a group of individuals dedicated to providing the best First Aid care to the entire LUMS community and training the next generation of EMS to carry on this legacy.

They taught by example that EMS is a family, with a support system that I did not find in any other society in LUMS (and I have been in 5 different societies and at various posts).

I completed my training in my Freshmen year (the best time to join BTW), and was so inspired by the team that trained me, that I joined the Training Department as an Assistant Director in my Sophomore year.

Teaching is a passion and my involvement in Training did not dissipate even after I took over the Marketing Department in my Junior year. This was the year when EMS went to NAMAL University and spread its reach to Lahore’s schools.

Our plans this year are to increase the frequency of awareness workshops, especially in middle and high schools. We are also designing a program for organisations so that work places can become capable of providing pre-hospital care to their employees.


Muhammad Bilal Ather

Vice President 2017-18