Directors (2017 – 2018)


Momina Abid

(Director of Operations)

LUMS EMS aims to serve the LUMS community in their hour of need, and operations is the department which executes it. The department’s work involves timely action and meticulous planning. Starting from the phone call of the emergency till the patient is dealt with, we manage delegation to MFRs, ensure prompt response and maintain 5 minute response time. Additionally, the department is responsible for restocking the first-aid equipment in bags which are strategically placed in various locations around campus. Our goal is to make the emergency dealing process more efficient, as well as increase accountability, all leading to better serve the purpose of EMS.



Marziya Farooq

(Director of Training and Development)

Over the last two years I’ve realized EMS Training tends to be as much a learning process for students as it is for the trainers themselves. And it isn’t always easy, but always worth the time and effort in tenfold.



Salaar Khan

(Director of Administration)

The Administration department is essentially the slightly daunting headmistress of EMS. We work behind the curtains to ensure that all EMS events run smoothly, the logistical requirements are all met and that the new equipment arrives in a timely manner. We are also in charge of coaxing and coercing the ever-stringent LUMS Administration to allow us to carry out our operations in the most satisfactory way possible. If it sounds like a lot of responsibility, that is because it is. The department will welcome, with arms wide open, anyone with the conscientiousness to tackle these jobs. Or if one is simply looking to be a part of EMS family, we here, will be organizing some major events and trips as a way of allowing you all to really feel at home with each other, while learning new things along the way.



Saniya Ali Wattoo

(Director of Marketing and Publicity)

When I arrived at LUMS, I felt pushed towards the corporate world from all directions, be it courses, events or the societies at LUMS. It seemed that everything was about commercial success, about ‘making it big’, and about how I should learn to take from the world around me. In all this, it was EMS that taught me the value of giving. It saved me and gave me a purpose beyond learning how make money. The dedicated team at EMS does amazing, selfless work – we sacrifice sleep, we miss classes, and we put aside our own plans to help those who need us. This is precisely why I joined the marketing department: to make both Luminites and the community beyond LUMS aware of the hard work and commitment of our members. The marketing department will endeavour to expand EMS’ reach even further beyond LUMS. More importantly, with the help of my brilliant marketing team, I will work diligently to make sure that everyone at LUMS knows that whether they are students, faculty, staff or even visitors, EMS will always be there for them.